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To copy the entire tabular document to the clipboard, select the entire table. This is done by clicking the rectangle in the upper left corner. window .

Copying table fragments can be done with the mouse in Drag & Drop mode.

When copying a tabular document or its fragment to the clipboard, copying takes place simultaneously, both in the format of the tabular document itself and in the text format. In a tabular format, the contents of the buffer can be inserted only in tabular document 1C: Enterprise. In other documents, the contents of the buffer will be inserted in text format. For example, a tabular document 1C: Enterprise will be inserted into a Microsoft Excel table without design elements (frames, fonts), but with a breakdown by cells. In a text format, a fragment of a tabular document (or the entire table) can be inserted into almost any program that works with text data.

It should be noted that to transfer a tabular document to Microsoft Excel with design elements, it is possible to save the tabular document in the "XLS" format. The save format is set in the save file selection dialog. The saved file can then be opened in MS Excel. Another way is to use a special 1C: Enterprise spreadsheet converter for MS Excel delivered on an ITS disk.

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