Create a new user in Chrome, as well as the hidden function "parental control"

Creating and configuring users in Google Chrome is quite a useful feature that allows you to customize accounts for different users of the browser Creating and configuring users in Google Chrome is quite a useful feature that allows you to customize accounts for different users of the browser. It's amazing why many people do not use this parameter, although it has been supported in Google browser for almost two years now.

The developers said that the new browser will have the function of parental control, but no one could find it. The fact is that not everything is so simple. Programmers really created the ability to configure access, but hid it and renamed it. It should be noted that the work continues and soon the functionality will be updated, but now you can understand how the “parental control” will work.


We begin with the study menu item - User Settings. This tool allows you to conveniently control access to the network to different members of your family.

To access this feature, go to the Google Chrome browser settings and find the buttons below: Add user, Delete user, Import bookmarks and settings.

We press on the button "Add new user". In the drop-down box, you can add a new user, create a name for it and select an avatar. The selection of pictures is limited and cannot be expanded. After creating a new user, a new shortcut will appear on your desktop, which you have chosen as your avatar.

When a new user is created, a window will appear in the basic settings in which you can manage created accounts. If the new user has his own Google ID, then there is the ability to import bookmarks from him.

By clicking on the import of bookmarks you can choose what exactly needs to be synchronized. The required data is ticked off.

And now comes the moment when we look at the hidden functions of parental control. In fact, this feature is under development, but we will show you how to activate it.

So, we launch the browser and enter the following into the address bar: chrome: // flags . Find the function you need in the window that opens. You will see a large selection of experimental settings, so press the key combination Ctrl + F5. Only active features will be available for you to choose from. Find the key “enable monitored profiles” and click on it, also activate the item “new profile management system”.

Now we’ll go back to Google Chrome’s default settings to see what’s changed.

Now you can create an administrator who will manage the capabilities of other users. To do this, you must create a new account. Since the function is experimental, one has only to guess what possibilities the admin will have. Although it is already clear that we will be able to create black and white lists of sites, for example, for children.

In conclusion, I would like to say that soon we will have a very interesting update that will significantly increase the popularity of the Chrome browser. It only remains for us to hope that the developers will not be stingy with time and will create a really powerful tool for controlling user accounts. Well, for now, thanks to the user creation function, you can avoid problems with re-entering passwords and logins when you visit, for example, social networks.