How to delete the saved password in classmates. How to remove the password and login to Odnoklassniki? How to delete old log and password in Yandex

  1. Quick removal of "tails" in the browser
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  3. We delete the data saved by the browser
  4. Incognito Mode

Pressing the “DEL” key does not help to solve the problem, how to delete the password and login to Odnoklassniki . In each program it happens in its own way. If you use Opera, then you need to go to the “Tools” menu and select “Settings”. The “Wand” tab that will open allows you to remove the “tick” next to the “Wand remembers passwords” line. Then confirm “OK”.

As for how to remove the password and login to Odnoklassniki in firefox browser , here everything is different. To do this, go to the "Tools" in the sub-item "Settings". Going to the “Privacy” section will open access to the “Do not memorize history” item, which will ensure the elimination of the login and password. Read more about how to delete a username in Aldoklasassniki, in this article .

How to delete Old Password in classmates?

Undoubtedly, it is convenient to use the function of the browser, which consists in remembering the password. Every time, entering the page, there is no need to enter it. However, for some reason, you needed to delete the old password, which is saved by the browser in the settings. You will spend quite a bit of time to figure out. Promote page Odnoklassniki will help you next service .

For example, in Google chrome very popular among users, the algorithm is as follows:

  • click on the icon twice to open the browser;
  • find the “Settings” menu, which is located in the top right corner (three bars);
  • click on the link “Show advanced settings” (at the bottom of the page);
  • open the “Manage Saved Passwords” section (located in the “Passwords and Forms” submenu), select “Manage Saved Passwords”. So you can destroy passwords that do not need to be saved.

If you ask how to delete the old password in Odnoklassniki on Mozilla Firefox, then you must first enter the browser. From above, in the right corner, you can see the same designation - three lanes, - click on which will allow you to enter the menu. Here you need to select "Settings", in the next window - the "Protection" tab. It is required to press the button "Saved passwords". In this window you will find passwords previously stored on different sites. Mark the passwords to be deleted and get rid of them. If deleting a password is related to the recovery of the page, this information will help to clarify this issue.

How to delete a password in Odnoklassniki in Yandex?

Settings browsers Yandex and Chrome are very similar. Therefore, the actions, are not much different. First of all, you should find the button “Yandex Browser Settings” in the window of this program, click on it. Among other menu items that have opened, you need to select "Settings". Then click the button “Show advanced settings” (bottom of the page). The next step is to go down to the “Passwords and Autocomplete” section by clicking on the “Password Management” button. The “Passwords” window consists of two fields: the first is for passwords that are automatically saved, the second is for sites whose passwords do not need to be saved. Now highlight the desired entry to remove the password. After that, confirm your actions by clicking the "Finish" button. High-quality promotion VKontakte available when you click on the link .

As you can see, the algorithm of actions, how to remove a password in Odnoklassniki in Yandex , is a lot like Google Chrome.

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The lion's share of all users who visit Odnoklassniki, do it with a computer browser. The most popular programs are: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex. Microsoft EDGE browser and Internet Explorer . All of them are able to save user authorization data, but today we will talk about the opposite - how to delete a username in Odnoklassniki at the entrance.

People come into Odnoklassniki from a computer most often at home. But if you had to log in to your account from another place, do not forget to cover your tracks. Now we will tell you how to correctly pass it.

Quick removal of "tails" in the browser

Our instruction is based on the Google Chrome browser because of its most popular . But you have to understand that about the same thing can be cranked in other browsers.

So, in order to clear our history, we do this:

  1. Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del in the active browser window. This combination works on almost all browsers.

This combination works on almost all browsers

Now you need to specify the period for which you want to remove traces (for example, if you worked for a couple of hours, then there is no point in deleting all the PC master data. Choose just a "day"). You can also specify exactly what you want to erase.

Present items include:

  • browsing history;
  • download history;
  • cache and images;
  • Cookie;
  • passwords;
  • autocompletion data;
  • data hosted applications;
  • media licenses.

Select the traces that you want to erase and press the button indicated by the number "3".

  1. The cleaning will begin, the duration of which will entirely depend on the clutter of the PC or laptop, user activity and speed of the disk subsystem. In any case, waiting for the end of the operation.

In any case, waiting for the end of the operation

Is done. Now it is impossible to determine your presence, but there are other traces that the browser cannot erase. We will talk about them below.


Remove the check mark!

Here is where the function is:

If you enter Odnoklassniki from another computer, never activate this mode. Delete saved data is not easy. Below you will learn how to do this.

We delete the data saved by the browser

If the browser has already saved your username and password, you will have to make it forget the data. This is done like this:

  1. Open Google Chrome settings by clicking on the button with three dots. She is in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens, select the item: "Settings".

In the menu that opens, select the item: Settings

  1. Scroll down the page to the bottom and click on the label that we have marked on the screenshot. It will open additional settings.

It will open additional settings

  1. Next, you need to open the item "Customize", which is located in the section "Passwords and forms".

Next, you need to open the item Customize, which is located in the section Passwords and forms

  1. Now enter the query ok in the search field. ru, thanks to which we will remove passwords only for Odnoklassniki and having found your login (phone number) click on the button with three dots. In the pop-up menu, select "Delete."

After that, the data will be deleted from Google Chrome or another browser, and no one will be able to get on your page.

Incognito Mode

If you want to go to “My Page” in Odnoklassniki, but you don’t have to mess around with the settings and delete anything, just switch to time in the “Incognito” mode. This function does not save anything and gives complete anonymity. You can launch it by opening the Chrome menu and selecting the desired item there.

You can do the same with the Ctrl + Shift + N shortcut.

Approximately the same mode is in other browsers. It's just there that it is called a little differently and a little bit wrong. For example, in Firefox this is the “Private window”.

That's all. Now we figured out how to remove unnecessary username and password when entering Odnoklassniki and to make it not even saved. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, write them in the comments, we will definitely respond.

Delete Odnoklassniki password

Users of the social network need to remove the password quite often. The main two reasons - changing the password, when it remains in the memory of the browser old version or accidentally saving the password on someone else's computer, which is not acceptable.

It is easy to remove the password in Odnoklassniki, but the procedure is different for individual browsers. You may be interested in the topic: "Classmates": enter the page from the computer "

Password removal in Mozille

How to quickly remove a password in Google Chrome?

To understand how to remove the old password in Odnoklassniki in Chrome, you will also initially need to click on the Settings menu in the corresponding browser. In the window that appears, select the function “show advanced settings” - as a result, the next section will open with the name “Passwords and forms”. In this menu, we are interested in Password Management, where, in the list, the elimination of the required password takes place almost according to the procedure similar to Mozilla.

Deleting passwords in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is used by a few modern users, however, here it may also be necessary to quickly decide how to remove the password and login to Odnoklassniki. Removing a password here means pressing the following tabs: Tools - Internet Options - Content - Options. In the window that opens, select "Delete log autocomplete" and uncheck the passwords in front of the password.

Passwords in Yandex

Along with Mozilla, the not less popular browser today is Yandex, so the question of how to delete a password in classmates in Yandex is also quite relevant. Solve the problem of how to delete a password in Odnoklassniki in Yandex, you can almost like in Chrome, because these browsers work on one engine.

After opening the browser settings, expand the advanced settings and go to the section "Passwords and Autocomplete", where we will be interested in "Password Management". Choosing the right address, you can see or completely remove the password.

Now you know how to delete the old password in Odnoklassniki from any browser with the minimum amount of time. Let the use of your favorite social network no longer cause you inconvenience! Read also about how to recover a page in Odnoklassniki, if you forgot your password by clicking on

How to delete a login when entering Odnoklassniki

Many people on their computers could encounter a picture when the login disappears on the main page when entering Odnoklassniki. Working at a computer at home, you do not feel the inconvenience. Do not need an infinite number of times to drive it. But what if the login was on someone else's computer? Its owner has the ability to easily appear on your page, then it would be good to get rid of this “automatism”.

The question arises, how to delete a login when entering Odnoklassniki?

The first way . The absence of a login image in the site window is achieved by removing it from the program. For this you need to clear the history. So they are called, for example, in Firefox. First you need to go to the program settings, there to detect "Delete individual cookies". The specified browser contains this task in the "Privacy" option. Now select the folder called, activate "Delete Cookies". High-quality promotion group in Odnoklassniki available.

To delete these files in Chrome, we work with the "Parameters" function, moving successively to the "Additional" -> "Personal data" -> "Content settings" -> "Cookies" buttons. It is easy to get rid of unnecessary information: delete the entire history or selected files. Read also on the topic: "How to remove a password and login to Odnoklassniki"
To understand how to delete a login when entering Odnoklassniki in newer versions of Chrome, Yandex, you need to do the following. On the right, at the top of the page, you need to activate the icon to open the menu. This is where “Settings” is selected. Next, select the item “Show settings”. In the "Forms and Passwords" - "Password Management". Now the login is highlighted with the left mouse and deleted.
The second way . Unsaved login can not be deleted. When you first enter any information on the site, you are advised to save it automatically. The same happens on Odnoklassniki. Discard this action. Then the browser does not perform one of its functions - to remember the access data. If you need to cheat VKontakte, click on the link .

How to delete old login in classmates?

During the time of use by one Internet user, the browser accumulates all logins that are remembered. Therefore, it is important to know how to delete the old Odnoklassniki username . AT Mozilla firefox to clear the logins you need to enter the "Tools". Next, select the item "Delete personal data." Having found the line “Saved passwords” in the window that opens, check it and other options. Then click the "Delete Now" button.
The same actions are performed in the Google Chrome program, starting with the “Tools” section, then → “Deleting data on viewed documents” → “Clear saved passwords” → “Deleting data on pages viewed”. Now you know what to answer to friends to their question how to delete the old login in Odnoklassniki . Read also how to block a page in Odnoklassniki by clicking on this

How to delete a username in Odnoklassniki?

Before a user enters his personal page on the Odnoklassniki website, it is imperative for him to identify himself with a login and password. Often, the two main fields automatically remain filled, which saves the user from having to fill them at subsequent inputs. However, sometimes there are cases when the actual question for the user is how to delete the login when entering Odnoklassniki. This need arises if only he uses classmates in the family, and there is no need to constantly change the login. Read also the topic: "Classmates": the entrance to the page from the computer.

Solve the problem of how to delete a username in Odnoklassniki, today perhaps in many ways. We offer you the main among them.

If you are interested in how to delete your Odnoklassniki username so that it is never displayed automatically for such a site, the key task is to clear the browser’s cookie. To do this, first go to the browser settings, where you can find the function “delete individual cookies”. For example, for Mozilla, such an item can be found in the “privacy” menu. In the proposed list, find the link to social network Classmates, then activate the task "delete cookies".

If Chrome is your most frequently used browser, in the “Settings” menu - “ Additional settings »Find the item“ personal data ”, where content settings also contain information about cookies. This procedure allows you to clear not only the specific selected files, but also completely the entire history of using the browser, which is very convenient.

Another way to remove your old Odnoklassniki login is to refuse to save it at all. When you initially enter data on the site, the browser offers to save them. It is enough to abandon this feature.

If none of the ways how to delete the login when entering Odnoklassniki did not help, try to achieve results by deleting the entire browser history. Usually, this method is used when deciding how to delete the old login to Odnoklassniki, most often, because this procedure is the easiest and quickest, and you can do it without unnecessary trouble in absolutely any browser. We hope that with our advice you will quickly solve the problem by removing your login on the website! You may be interested in the following: "How to remove a password in Odnoklassniki."

How to delete a password in Odnoklassniki in Yandex?
But what if the login was on someone else's computer?
The question arises, how to delete a login when entering Odnoklassniki?