How to find a lost or stolen phone. The phone was stolen - what should I do? How to track your phone?

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Theft or loss of the phone is a very annoying nuisance. After that, many people forever “say goodbye” to their smartphone, but there are still chances to find it, even if it is stolen, because technology does not stand still.

Make sure your phone is really stolen. According to statistics, 70% of those who reported the theft of the phone actually forget or lose the device themselves. To check, call your number - if the call is dropped and the phone is turned off, then you can be sure of theft. If the theft is confirmed, then first of all, try sending an SMS message to your phone with a request to return the device for a fee. Of course, paying for your phone is insulting and unpleasant, but sometimes it’s easier to give a small amount than to buy new phone especially if there was a lot of important information. It is not a fact that the thief agrees to give the loss, but it is better than nothing. If the phone is cheap, then it’s easier to restore the SIM card altogether and buy a new device.

Instead, we will use voice commands and intuitive applications to browse the web and watch more video content than ever before. We have yet to see when this concept becomes a reality. See if smartphones can do away with direct communication between people. The statue itself was taken apart and placed in a cell, and then transported to the place where you will remain in the courtyard of the headquarters. The meeting took place just before the eclipse from the sight of those who eat Oreo ice cream.

Smart watches will not be a replacement for smartphones, but they are a great addition to them. Leading manufacturers are struggling to incorporate various fitness features and sensors that monitor key parameters of the human body. Time has shown that consumers are not very interested in this idea. Tracking activity during training is a leading feature for 45% of users.

Contact the police if the device is really important to you. Often, phones are found at the time of resale in the "black" market. Only for contact you need to collect at least some documents confirming that the phone is yours (technical passport, box, check, and so on). It is desirable that it be indicated there serial number apparatus.

If you were a happy owner of a smartphone from Apple (which, by the way, thieves are very fond of), that is, there is a high probability of finding a phone with a thief up to the number of the house where he is currently located. But for this, the iPhone must be tied to a service such as Icloud, and the special “Find iPhone” function is pre-enabled on the phone itself. After the theft, just go to your account in Iklaud and block the phone, after which the thief will not be able to do anything with it, except to sell by details. But this option is also not very pleasant, so send a message via Icloud to the thief, who will constantly light up on the phone’s screen asking you to return the phone. If this method was unsuccessful, then through the program, look at the location of the phone, and contact the police with this data. Knowing the location of the thief - you can easily find and lose. If all else fails, and there is no chance to return the smartphone, erase all the data remotely, if there was something important there that the attacker could use against you (passwords, photos, etc.).

Each third-party smartphone uses it to access the latest news, and approximately 26% make phone calls. It turns out that 25% of people read emails and set an alarm from a smart watch, and every fifth owner looks at photos on a small display. Music lovers move from a remote smartwatch to select their favorite tracks in 18% of cases. A team of researchers from Harvard University has created a unique material that can cover car tires, as we know them.

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With a phone on Android, things are a little more complicated. If the newest phones on this system have already introduced the remote access function, like on iOS, then on older models this is unfortunately not, and you will have to use the above methods to search. But if you previously installed a special application for searching, then there is a chance to find the location of the thief, but only in the first hours, or in the worst case, days after the loss, since the Android phone is very easy to reflash, after which there is practically no chance of finding the device.

If there is no chance of finding a phone at all, then contact your network operator and block the SIM card, since until this is done, the attacker can pay anything from your number, but you will be forced to pay the bills.

The penetration of such material can completely change our perception of how modern car tires look. If they succeed, they will greatly expand the use of their unique materials. Scientists believe that the creation of coatings from this material may find application in new generations of transparent and flexible devices than in automobiles. It does not occur to us that our mobile device is also possible. And rightly so, it is better to enjoy our new gadget, and not worry about the fact that we can remain without it at any time.

Theft of the phone is unpleasant, but this is not a reason to be very upset or despair. There is always a chance to find your favorite gadget.

Even if you are one hundred percent sure that the phone is stolen, it will still help you. Perhaps it just lies somewhere nearby, maybe your good stranger found your phone and wants to return it, or maybe you just left it in a store or cafe.

However, the advice of all experts is to buy a phone or tablet when we start - including them, which will help us find our new widget in case someone steals it or we lose it. Here we chose five top apps that will easily find your phone or tablet if you are left without them.

This application allows you to detect a lost or stolen phone - not only ours, but also our children or partners. In addition to smartphones, the service is also looking for regular phones. If we find that our phone is stolen or not located where we need it, we will be notified of any movement to mobile app as well as on the service website.

Also find out if any of your loved ones are using applications that allow you to track your movement. For example, parents or a second half. Many programs allow you to specify the exact coordinates. Finding a phone in this case is much easier.

Gather all the information that will help prove that this is your phone. This may be a warranty card and other documentation issued to you after purchase.

The application also allows you to redirect incoming calls to another number and a whole bunch of useful functions that, even if they do not return our device, will at least prevent potential abuse of our personal data. This application can detect not only a lost smartphone or tablet, but also a laptop, which allows you to register up to three separate mobile devices one account .

This application allows you to call your phone at maximum volume at a distance, even when its silent mode is activated. The service does not offer many functions, but has a clean interface without ads, and if there is a problem, we can send an email directly to the creator.

Report phone theft to the police. To do this, just make a statement. Well, if you already have approximate coordinates and you know the IMEI code.

If you cannot find the stolen phone, contact your mobile operator to lock the account and restore the SIM card. Remember that blocking will not allow the operator to contact the phone.

IPhone Owners

Owners of iPhone and Android smartphones (Samsung, HTC, etc.) are lucky, because it is much easier for them to find a stolen phone. In some models, you can’t even replace the SIM card.

To enable Find My Device

In the list of devices, select the device you want to find, then select "Find my device."

Ring or lock your phone

In the list of your devices, select the phone you want to find, then select "Find my phone." To lock the phone and display a lock message, select “Block” and follow the instructions. If you do not yet have a password for the phone, you will need to enter a password - you will use it to unlock the phone if you return it.

  • You should see a location map on your device.
  • You should see a location map on your phone.
  • Don't see your current location?
  • To make a phone call, select “Call”, and then follow the instructions.
  • It will ring even if the sound is muted or tuned to vibration.

If you are sure that you cannot return your phone, or if you have personal information that you want to protect during its return, you can remotely delete everything on your phone.

If your iPhone has been stolen, log in to your iCloud account using a computer or another Apple devices . Press the “Find My iPhone” button (for owners of the English version: “Find My iPhone”) with a radar image.

Then in the window that appears, click on the information icon. It is located on the black panel finding the location. After that, you will have the opportunity to lock the phone, erase data from it, send a message or just play a melody.

If you have information about credit card on a lost phone, contact the card publishers to report that they are lost. If you think the phone is in the wrong hands, consider reporting this to your local authorities. See your account page for more information. Inform the operator cell phone that you lost your phone. . What will you do if you lose or steal your phone?

Today we will consider this program in more detail. The installation is two-phase - after installing the application on the phone, you must first allow the so-called “administrative privilege”. To do this, run the program and click the "Request Admin Rights" button.

If you managed to find the coordinates yourself, do not attempt to pick up the phone yourself. So you can avoid hassles and unnecessary litigation.

If you could find your phone, and it is in an unknown place, then it is better to completely block it. This fact completely eliminates the chance that your iPhone was picked up by friends or relatives. If the phone is not blocked, the thief can simply turn off the location function.

If you want to use the program, you will not be able to agree and click "Activate". You should see a dialog box indicating that the account has been connected to the phone. The web application interface, let's face it, is not graphically drawn. The author of the program itself explains that he is the first programmer, not a web designer.

In the “Logs” subsection, an overview of all operations performed with the device is presented, primarily an overview of requirements. The most important thing is in the “Management” section, which is now in six separate sections. In the “Alarms” section, you can hear the sound of a siren, interpreted by the speakerphone. For example, if you are looking for a phone, you cannot call it because you have a call.

Android Owners

Android owners have only one advantage over owners of simple mobile phones - the package special applications . Such programs are designed specifically to find the phone in case of theft.

The advantage is that, owning the data from the account, you can install the application from another device. Go to Play market , go to your account and select the desired application. Then allow access and click the install button. If you manage to do everything right, the necessary coordinates will come to Gmail.

In the event of loss or theft, you are likely to find where the phone is. Here is the "Location" section, where you click the "Send Location" button to find a request. If this is not possible, the last known position will be sent. Then the results are sent by e-mail to the registered address.

You can track the movement of the device, but the author reminds us that this feature is not completely flawless and that we cannot expect too much from it. In the "Status" section, using the "Send Status" button, you can send information about your phone. As with all of the above cases, they will be emailed to you.

Don't see your current location?
What will you do if you lose or steal your phone?