When connecting to wifi requests a security code. How to find the key to the Wi-Fi on your computer.

  1. What is a security key
  2. Types of network encryption
  3. How to find out your Wi-Fi network security key

This question has become quite relevant and widespread, since now most people use a wireless network. Wi-Fi Usage technology is the most popular in our time.

Since now the choice of gadgets is great and all the time there are new models, as you can read, the ability to access the Internet in any place is extremely important.

Wi-Fi network has already entered the life of every person who uses the world wide web. It is very convenient, always high speed data transfer and it can connect to almost any point.

What are the main advantages wireless network ? Here are some features:

  • no need to use cable;
  • available connection;
  • high speed;
  • You can combine multiple gadgets and devices;
  • the signal is generated using a special router.

As it became clear when using such a network, there are no particular problems and difficulties, a person can use the Internet without any special efforts and exchange data.

What is a security key

Many people, when connected to a wireless network using a laptop, are wondering what a security key is.

This is a special code that you invent yourself that allows you to completely block access to the use of your network. For example, it often happens when a person lives on short distance , and other people can connect to your wireless connection if a security key is not installed.

When creating such a password, pay attention not to the key, but to the choice of the type of encryption. This is due to the fact that when a PC with a wireless connection is established, full data encryption occurs.

If you enter the wrong password, the laptop may simply not decode it, and then there will be some difficulties. All this is provided for the complete security of your data and all information stored or transmitted over the connection.

There are types wireless connection (WPA, WPA2), which require the introduction of such a key, otherwise it will be impossible to connect.

The difference between these two security options is that in the first case you need a common password that can be used by all participants and users of the connection. The second type provides for obtaining a unique key by each person.

Basically, modern routers to connect to the network are distinguished by the presence of both technologies, so users can choose the most suitable option for themselves.

What is the key security Wi-Fi network look in the video:


The security key is created using the router setup wizard. There are three main types of encryption: Wi-Fi access (WPA and WPA2), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and 802.1x. Therefore, it sometimes becomes necessary to search for a security key. Make it very easy. In order to find the security key on the quick access toolbar, launch the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel” from the available list.

After performing these steps, a window will open where you can change various settings of the computer settings. You must select the category "Network and Internet". Next, left-click on the "Network and Sharing Center" function.

A window should open with basic information about the network and connection settings. You need to select the item "Manage wireless networks". As a result, a list of all available wireless networks will appear on the monitor screen.

Then click right click Mouse over the name of the wireless network to which the password was previously forgotten.

Click on the "Security" tab. A window should open with various functions. It is necessary to find the item “Display the entered characters”, and put a tick next to it. After some time, a security code appears on the computer monitor.

The key can contain not only letters of the Latin alphabet, but also numbers. This method is not used randomly, since such a combination of characters is quite complicated. This will protect data from unauthorized access.

You can use the key in two ways. It needs to be copied into a special field for insertion or independently typed on the keyboard. The first option is more effective, since in this case the possibility of a typo is excluded. As a result, it becomes possible to change a previously forgotten password.

The need for protection wireless connection no doubt a single user. The security key serves as the primary tool in the execution of such protection. Therefore, changing the security key of a wireless network deserves the most serious consideration.

You will need


Call the main menu of the Microsoft Windows operating system by clicking the "Start" button and go to the "Control Panel" item to perform the wireless network security key configuration operation.

Enter the value "network" in the search field and click the "Find" button to confirm the command.

Select "Network and Sharing Center" and go to "Set up a connection or network ."

Make sure that the differences between the three main data encryption methods used in wireless connections are clear: - WPA or WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) - providing encryption when exchanging data between the device and the access point using a security key, which is a passphrase - Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) - not recommended outdated protection method, supported by earlier versions of equipment; - 802.1x protocol - used in corporate networks.

Specify the desired values ​​for the network name and the passphrase of the security key in the corresponding fields of the opened wizard window and apply the checkbox to the "Connect automatically" field.

Specify the “Connect to wireless network manually” command and press the “Next” button if necessary to use the WEP encryption method.

Use the WEP option in the Security Type section in the Wireless Information dialog box that opens and enter the required values ​​in the appropriate fields.

Go to the “Security” tab of the new dialog box and apply the checkbox to the “General” field in the “Security Type” group.

Confirm your choice by clicking the OK button and apply the selected changes by clicking the Close button.


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In order to continue to use operating system or others software , you must enter in the activation window a special code that is available based on the serial number of the product. Often, activation can be performed by phone or via the Internet.

Network security key is a password, using which you can connect to a working Wi-Fi networks . The secure operation of the wireless network directly depends on it. Its main task is to protect the user (host) Wi-Fi from unauthorized connection to it. It may seem to some that such a connection, in general, will not greatly interfere with work on the Internet. In fact, it is fraught with a significant decrease in the speed of the Internet. Therefore, the creation of a password must be given the closest attention.

In addition to the complexity of the password created, the type of data encryption greatly influences the security level of a Wi-Fi wireless network. The importance of the type of encryption is due to the fact that all data transmitted within a particular network is encrypted. Such a system allows you to protect yourself from unauthorized connection, since without knowing the password, a third-party user with the help of his device simply cannot decipher the data transmitted through the wireless network.

Types of network encryption

Currently Wi-Fi routers use three different types encryption.

They differ from each other not only in the number of characters available for creating a password, but in other equally important features.

The most unreliable and less popular type of encryption today is WEP. In general, this type of encryption was used earlier and is rarely used now. And it's not just the moral old age of this type of encryption. He is really quite unreliable. Users using devices with WEP encryption have a fairly high chance that their own network security key will be hacked by a third-party user. This type of encryption is not supported by many modern Wi-Fi routers.

The latter two types of encryption are much more reliable and much more commonly used. At the same time, users have the opportunity to choose the level of network security. So, WPA and WPA2 support two types of security checks.

One of them is designed for ordinary users and contains one unique password for all connected devices.

The other is used for enterprises and significantly increases the level of Wi-Fi network reliability. Its essence lies in the fact that for each individual device creates its own unique security key.

Thus, it becomes almost impossible without permission to connect to someone else's network.

However, when choosing your future router, you should opt for the model that supports WPA2 encryption. It is explained by its greater reliability in comparison with WPA. Although, of course, WPA-encryption is of sufficient quality. Most routers support both of these types of encryption.

How to find out your Wi-Fi network security key

There are several ways to find out your security key from a wireless network: